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about our program

Harbor Light Preschool Academy offers a safe and nurturing environment for all children while giving them a variety of opportunities to explore, create, imagine and invent.  Our school-wide curriculum focuses on the social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language-based development of children.  Building, Science, Library, Art and Dramatic Play centers provide age-appropriate materials for exploration and discovery.

harbor light preschool academy is located at 4670 Congress Street in Fairfield, CT inside St. Timothy’s Church. We enroll students from 21 months - 5 years old.  All of our students will participate in a variety of fun and invigorating activities focusing on positive peer interactions.  Our preschool hours are from 9:15am-12:30pm, in addition to early drop off beginning at 8:15am and after hours care until 4:30pm.  The additional programs can be utilized per day as needed or built into your tuition ahead of time for a reduced rate.

Our morning begins with drop off at our playground, where the children can begin their day with fresh air and gross motor movement.  We then transition to our classrooms where we gather together for morning meeting to discuss our day’s schedule including weather, calendar and welcoming songs. After a brief snack, the children visit the learning centers of their choice.  Our child-centered approach to learning allows the children, with support from their teachers, to determine the direction of their own learning by following their natural curiosities, interests, and passions.  Music, gym, gardening, as well as a variety of special programs, follow our learning centers each day.  Following our learning centers, kids have the opportunity for more outdoor movement, followed by lunch and closing circle. Closing circle is an opportunity to reflect on the day, read and work on puzzles.  Our afternoon program offers enrichment opportunities each day; including yoga, cooking, science, French, along with outdoor movement & discovery, small group activities, snack and rest time.  

Our expansive property with access to the Fairfield Audubon Society trails allows for ample discovery and physical movement.  Running and climbing in our playground area, as well as hiking and playing with friends, encourages socialization and self confidence.  HLPA also enjoys an organic vegetable and flower garden which provides the children with an opportunity to observe, nurture and experiment with nature.

we believe communication is vital to a successful preschool experience.  In addition to our weekly emailed newsletters and bi-annual conferences to discuss your child’s growth and development, we are available to communicate daily.  Our administration and staff will work together with each family in order to provide a happy, safe and loving environment in order to help each child achieve social and academic success.

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