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counselor-in-training program

Harbor Light Foundation, Inc. gives young people the opportunity and responsibility to develop leadership qualities in a supportive environment through the counselor-in-training (CIT) program at both Harbor Light Summer Adventures and Harbor Light Preschool Academy. 


Counselor-In-Training participants learn team building, communication skills and the confidence they need to work with peers and with children. The CIT program prepares teens with development in character, life skills and strong leadership values. CITs apply their training in program areas and leadership tasks throughout camp. They learn to push themselves as they gain confidence, independence, leadership and a positive outlook.  


CITs are integrated into the camp program and get hands-on experience. They work with each group, assist with activities and have a chance to learn from experienced staff.  This program is highly desired and competitive.  Please submit applications as early as possible as we have limited spots available. 

CITs must commit to at least two-weeks.

Please read through the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below before filling out the application found at the bottom of this page.

frequently asked questions
about the CIT program

How old do you have to be to

participate in the CIT program?

Individuals must be 14 years old at the start of camp in order to participate in the CIT program.


How many weeks do I need to commit 

to participate in the CIT program?

All CITs must commit to at least 2 full weeks during the summer.  The weeks do not need to be sequential.


What are the hours that CITs are required to be at camp?

CITs are required to arrive and depart at the same time that our staff does (Preschool- 8:45-1:15/ Summer Adventures- 8:30-2:15).  Please do not arrive late or leave early.  CITs are an integral part of our program and need to be there for morning set-up and afternoon breakdown.  


Does Harbor Light provide training for the CITs?

Yes! Harbor Light provides a MANDATORY training before a CIT can participate in the program. 

Training sessions are usually scheduled the week before camp begins. 

Do you need to have any experience working

with children prior to becoming a CIT?

Not necessarily.  However, a desire to work with children is required!  CITs will be required to

participate in all activities and we find that the CITs who are comfortable working with children and

can be good role models, gain the most from our program.  


Can I be put in a group with one of my friends who is also a CIT?

We do our best to match people together if they ask to be.  We cannot guarantee it, but we try.


Is there a fee for participating in this program?

Yes! There is a one-time $50 processing fee for each individual that participates in the CIT program

as well as a $15 fee for each week that you participate.  This fee will cover administrative fees, materials

for training sessions, and two staff T-shirts.  Additional T-shirts can be purchased for $5.00. 

Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

Yes.  However, cell phones are restricted while on our campus.  They are only to be used while on break. 



Do CITs have to bring their own lunch and snack?

Yes.  CITs need to bring a brown bag lunch and any other snacks that they would like throughout the day. 

Many of our staff and campers bring water bottles as well.  


Does participating in the CIT program guarantee me a paid position when I graduate high school?  Occasionally we are able to offer paid positions to our most committed CITs.  We

often look for individuals who would like to pursue a career in education or child development.


Can I get community service hours for volunteering at camp?

Many of our CITs receive community service hours while at camp.  Please be sure to check with the

organization to verify that our program will be acceptable. 

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