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Watch our Read-Aloud of the Day: 

  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Science & Art Corner:

  • LAST DAY OF SCHOOL SWEET TREAT with Miss Liz! Make a cake in a mug and enjoy a special treat for the end of a sweet school year!

Math Minute:

  • Draw a picture of all of the different items that have to do with the beach, ocean or summertime. Then add up how many items you drew. Did you think of more than 10 items? It can be anything from a beach towel to the ocean to a popsicle!

Journal Question:
  • Draw your favorite thing about Harbor Light Preschool/ Inventor's classroom!

Movement & Music:
  • Watch our movement video with Mr. Erik!

Additional Activities:

  • Write out your name and other members of your families’ names. Now try to think of a word that begins with each letter in your names! Think of the beginning letter sound and try your best!


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